Christian Living in the Mature Years is a magazine published by Abingdon Press, an imprint of the United Methodist Publishing House. The audience includes older adults. This unique and interesting resource tailored for older adults is both a leisure-reading magazine and a personal Bible study. Christian Living highlights articles on wellness, family, community involvement, and spiritual development. The magazine focuses on living in Christ rather than aging in place.

Writers are not restricted to being older adults. We welcome unsolicited manuscripts. We review all unsolicited submissions on speculation in the order in which we received them. Our review process can take up to three months. Reprinted pieces may be considered, but you must state it is a reprint in your cover letter. If the piece you are submitting has been previously published, we need documentation stating you currently own the rights. Please include the page of your Agreement with the previous publisher that confirms what rights you gave them for with your submission. If you do not include verification of your ownership, your piece will not be considered.

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General Guidelines for Content

Quoted Material, Statistics, Historical Facts—You must include scans of any material quoted from other sources and give a complete citation. We need title page, copyright page, and page quoted or paraphrased.

Christian Living highlights articles on wellness, family, community involvement, and spiritual development. The magazine focuses on living in Christ rather than aging in place.

We do not publish stories about the "good old days." Topics should be current and relevant.

We do not accept tributes to deceased loved ones.

When quoting Bible verses, use the Common English Bible ( Do not use human pronouns when referring to God (He/She).

Absence of Stereotypes—Older adults should be freed from the stereotypes of age, gender, nationality, and race. Examples of aging stereotypes are frailty, memory loss, illness, sedentary lifestyle, being socially inflexible, and being unstylish. Be supportive of persons and groups rather than poking fun at them.  


Christian Living requests a variety of rights depending upon the material offered. Our most common request is for One-time North American Serial Rights. We do accept a limited number of Reprint Rights. For work-for-hire we require All Rights. 

Payment Schedule

Payment is made upon acceptance of any manuscript, puzzle, or cartoon. We pay 7 cents per word for articles.  We pay $5.00 each for verses and fillers used in the Merry-Go-Round department. We pay $30.00 for puzzles. Each contributor will receive two complimentary copies of the magazine in which their piece(s) appear. We do not pay for Snippets (Feedback) submissions.

We pay $20.00 for photos that accompany articles inside the publication. Payment for cover publication is negotiable. Payment for photos follows final selection during the design and production stage.


  Samples—Sample copies may be purchased at  

We do not publish poetry.

We do not accept article queries. Only full articles will be considered.

(500-1500 words) Popular articles address current issues in aging, including spiritual growth,  health and fitness, housing, financial conditions, social and emotional needs, security, family life, self-help, and so on. Articles should provide practical aids for older adults: how to, when to, where to. Especially important are opportunities for older adults to read about service, adventure, fulfillment, and fun.  Items of entertainment, like hobbies, pets, and crafts are also popular.  Christian Living in the Mature Years magazine readers do not want to see only older adults in their articles. Inter-generational pieces score great successes with our audience.
(250-600 words) This department uses short glimpses out of everyday life (cuddling with grandchildren, a humorous moment at church, a sweet memory) to inspire and to illustrate the joys, sorrows, and poignant moments of living. It may or may not overtly mention God, but it never preaches. 
Christian Living in the Mature Years Magazine